Connected School

  • Track the bus live

  • Analyze Driver Behavior

  • Live recording inside the bus for Kids safety

  • Trigger SMS to parents when the bus arrives to the bus stop

  • Enable to safe travel

  • Integrate with MyEngage Smart School platform to improve th Parent Teacher Communication

Child safety and security is maintained by observing Drivers Behavior, in vehicle camera through SMART Bus by connecting all school busses.

Connected Police

  • Connecting all police vehicle including Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Bike

  • Automate Government Property Arms Register General Dairy maintain through RFID /Bio metric and retina scan through automated process.

  • Spot out the police officer position through the invidual Tracker and Dispatch the officer to crime spot instantly

  • Quick dispatch of officers for crime location thus better management of crime handling.

  • Send Location based pictures to track the incident and enable department for arrival for further invistigation

Connected Ambulance

  • Connect all Ambulance in the district including of private hospitals and connected to control room

  • One single call to control room patient has an option to say which hospital they want to go

  • From the control room the executive identifies the nearest ambulance based on patient location

  • Dispatches the ambulance and tracks the ambulance till it reaches the hospital

  • Control room Monitor the driver Behavior for patient safe travel

  • Connected Ambulance integrated with Connected Police for Signal clearance management.

  • Save Time and Save Life

Connected Vehicle

  • Track the bus live

  • Analyze Driver Behavior

  • Analyze time spent on traffic

  • Analyze engine time and fuel savings

  • Driver to press SOS button in case of emergency and Control room can talk to the driver immediately.

  • Automate alerts on Vehicle Maintance. (Service, Emission, Insurance)

  • Breakdown service.

  • Monitor and manage the trips.

Connected Trucks

  • Track the truck live better control of logistics movement

  • Analyze Driver Behavior

  • Driver to press SOS button in case of emergency

  • Trigger SMS to the pre confiured number for all events

  • Save Fuel

Connected Cars

  • Connect all passenger car

  • Commercial & Instituational

  • Ensure Safety

  • Trigger SMS on scheduled events

Connected Women

  • Hold a Hand Held device

  • Ensure Safety

  • Trigger SMS on scheduled events

  • Use SOS incase of emergency

  • Event trigggers with exact location

  • Can be connected to police instatnty

  • Can be connected to pre confiured family members instantly